Reiki offers a gentle support to those trying to have a family. Reiki not only aids in reducing stress and anxiety but reiki  brings the mind, body and spirit connection back into alignment.

The ren channel "conception vessel" is an important channel in Chinese Medicine for both female and male fertility. Ren mai is the female channel that runs up the front of the body in the center from the base point (perineum).  As one of the  Eight Extraordinary Meridians it regulates and promotes circulation of chi in the body. Nourishing this channel with reiki moves the chi and kidney essence. The kidneys represent the essence of life. 

Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) enhances reproductive health not only in women but in men too. If your life energy is low then those lower frequencies build restriction. By increasing life force energy (chi)  the body will naturally release blockages, increase sperm production and possibly aid with potential fertility.  


Reiki can warm the womb, strengthen the immune system and activate cells. It also opens the channel of karma. 


There are no reported negative side effects with reiki but research is supporting the benefits of reiki with conception, pregnancy, birth and post pregnancy symptoms.  


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