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Reiki Master Level

Reiki Master/Teacher 


You become one with the reiki energy (Being the energy)

Theory, practical and case studies.

 (prerequisite - Level 1 & 2)

This workshop is where the practitioner enters the realm of mastery. You master the practices so you can teach them to others. You also develop the master skills to improve the quality of life. You become one with the reiki energy in all that you do. Some people choose to be attuned to the master level without the intention to teach but wish to complete their reiki certification.


This level includes learning the master symbols and how to use them. Reiki meditation techniques are acquired to attune others to reiki. Primary focus is placed on understanding the attunement process and how to provide training. Land and space clearing skills are explained. The importance of breath work and grounding applications are also discussed. A thorough review of level one and two is also included.

A 21 day cleanse is required for each attunement.

This workshop comes with a manual and a certification of attunement and completion. This workshop is designed to go beyond the basic skills, each participant will receive a comprehensive understanding of how to teach reiki and how to start you own reiki business. One must 'be' the energy. 

Level includes:

- 6 hour virtual class

- Application techniques

- Review of level one and two

- Case studies

- Attunement process

- Business basics

- Continued Reiki support

Apprenticeship Program

Co-facilitate Level 1 & 2 training

11:00 am - 5:00 pm (in-class hours only)

Cost $850.00

Enroll in level one and two together receive 10% off before taxes.

Enroll in level one, two and master level together receive 20% off total before taxes.

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required at time of enrollment.

Refresher courses are offered at a reduction rate for those previously attuned.

Please call for Master Training Dates

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