Reclaiming your life after a relationship ends is one of the most important step to recovery.  Relationships are 'teachers' of life lessons not only on a human level but also on the spiritual level. Relationships are not always by  coincidence they are also set up by the universe. There is karma taking place.


Do you ever wonder why you keep drawing the same type of person into your life? Or maybe you keep missing someone from the past? Maybe you have trouble maintaining a relationship?  Your chakra system holds clues.


Chakras are indicators into your relationships. Their function and health effect who we desire, need, trust and love. This intention set reiki session focuses on the relationship you have with yourself first. The more you understand yourself the more you will understand others. 


Relationship reiki helps you recognize that relationships come into your life for a reason, a purpose and they are not always meant for forever. Learning how to surrender and let go of relationships with love can be very empowering. 


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