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Clearing Negative Energy


We clean our home, work place and even our vehicles on a regular basis. Out goes the dust, dirt, garbage and then we try to rejuvenate the air with powerful air fresheners to make it feel clean. Sometimes no matter how much time and effort goes into cleaning our space the “energy” (even though you can’t see it) can still feel stagnant and heavy.

Imbalances in energy can be brought on very sudden or build over a period of time.  Things like illness, arguments, terminations, traumas and death all effect our space. Some people have even experienced unusual occurrences or entities. You may have heard the expression “you could cut the tension in the room with a knife” or have you ever said to your partner, friend or colleague “we need to clear the air”. Our intuition is telling us we need to cleanse energetically.


There are many approaches to cleansing our space and our own energy. Smudging is a common ritual that dates back thousands of years to China, India and Tibet. White sage (desert sage, not the garden variety) incense is burned, the smoke is used to spiritually alter, align and cleanse the energy. Native Americans use sage for healing negative energies and it is often followed with the burning of cedar or sweet grass in sacral ceremonies.  


Reiki (universal life force energy) can be used for cleansing. Reiki works on the mind, body and spirit but also has beneficial effects in the areas that surround us. Reiki can help release negative blockages and disturbances that are causing disharmony. Reiki starts with setting a clear positive intention and transforms energy to promote wellness, abundance, productivity and happiness.  

By clearing our energy and the space around us we create a much more positive and clean work and home environment.  Our relationships become more harmonious, we sleep better in a refreshed space, we become more productive and prosper in our work place.

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