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Healing Through Energy Writing

Healing is a path-finding process. Writing from the aspect of energy rather than thought can be very insightful and provide information about blocked energy in the chakra system. Imagine being able to write what you soul wants you to hear.  It is truly empowering. This workshop applies a technique of automatic writing channeled through the crown chakra. Each month we will receive an intuitive question and write the souls (energy) response. Receive instinctual uninhibited messages directly and without effort to heal all areas of your life. Note this class is not intended to master the art of writing but to master the art of listening.

Private energy writing sessions are also available to help you directly understand how to improve the quality of your life.


All you need is a pen, paper and INTENTION.



7:00 pm - 8:00 pm 

Cost $25.00

Workshop is currently virtual.

Private energy writing sessions available.

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