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We offer various energy based workshops and classes to help you with the mind, body and spirit connection. Healing is an individual process and not measured by time but led by intention. Remember if we were perfect we would not be here. We are all learning something. Transformation involves commitment, courage and compassion.

This month's feature: Define Spirituality

4 week series

Starting – Thursday September 24, 2020 (Virtual)

Continuing each following Thursday

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

$110.00 total


What does spirituality really mean and how does it apply to your life? This workshop will help you understand the relationship between self and spirit. As a Metaphysical Minister, we study human experiences beyond the physical universe and explore the non-physical universe. The dualism of a monism life.  Learn to understand your life from your core (the depth of your inner being). Gain knowledge to create a devotion to the self that has purpose and meaning.


Workshop outline:


  1. Understanding human feelings.

  2. Universal law and the law of attraction.

  3. Spirituality versus religion.

  4. Science and spirituality.

  5. Benefits of a spiritual life.

  6. How do I make my life more spiritual?

  7. Spirituality and the afterlife.

  8. Spirituality defined.


Journey where spirit leads you!

One on one learning


Online Training


'When the student is ready the teacher appears. 

When the student is truly ready the teacher disappears.'

Lao Tzu

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