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Energy Medicine Education

We all part of a universal energy and have our own unique energy centers and meridians. They vibrate and function based on your mental, physical and emotional wellness. Their health and vibrancy are constantly changing depending on what is happening or not happening in your life. 

By tapping into your own energy you gain understanding into where you are in your life, how you can transform and heal. 


We offer various energy based workshops and classes to help you with the mind, body and spirit connection. Healing is an individual process led by intention. It involves commitment, courage and compassion.

We add new virtual workshops every month and many classes are on going. Please join our newsletter to keep updated. 


Journey where spirit leads you!

Here are some of our recent workshops:

Clairvoyant Children

Energetic Respect

Healing Through Energy Writing

Reiki For Moms-To-Be

Define Spirituality

Animal Energy Healing

Matrimonial Meditation

Due to the pandemic we have adapted our workshops to a virtual setting. 

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