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This month's feature: Eating through the element of BitterSweet

Food for Thought – Chakra for food


Do you ever wonder why you crave certain foods at certain times? Well, that craving may have a link to adjusting your chakra system (energetic body). A particular chakra (s) is requiring healing based on a human nutrient.  This is especially prevalent during pregnancy, many woman crave foods that they normally don’t eat. This can also be looked at in the extreme and excess too. A craving to eat 5 hamburgers or a bag of cookies is not necessarily going to heal your body but the lack of moderation is an indication that the chakra (s) is ‘in excess of energy’.  Feeding your soul is not a science. And no two souls will require the same identical nourishment. Eating through vibration and energy is ‘tapping’ into what colors, textures, flavors and structure of foods give you the highest performance in mind, body and spirit. Even when you crave to do a fast or juicing, you are craving to be fed through spirit. Are you eating, not eating or craving out of lack, need, love or nourishment?   

Please join me Thursday August 27, 2020 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

 Eating through the element of BitterSweet

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