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November Special


Nurturing Your Meridian Pathways

In November we enter the season of yin. Yin corresponds to cold, darkness and water. It is a time to rest, keep the body warm and refrain from over doing things.


Meridians are the body’s energetic pathways. The energetic pathways of the body can become blocked due to stress, illness, disease, lifestyle, and changes in weather. The meridian pathways contain acupoints which can be stimulated to create change in Qi (universal life force energy).


Applying pressure reiki to acupoints plus foot, hand and ear vortexes moves Qi. Your ears tell a story about your kidney energy function. If you look at your ears, you will see that they are shaped like a kidney. Our kidney energy is the essence of life. By tonifying the Shen Men point in the ear you calm the spirit and feel more balanced. Meridian reiki moves the blood which can keep the body strong, healthy and boost immunity during the colder months.


Experience meridian wellness with Spirit Reiki Ann!

60-minute session


Gift Cards Available

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