June Special


Reiki Feet

Energetic Pathways of the Earth

Your feet are a road map of where you have been, where you are going and where you are now. Feet have roots that connect you with Mother Earth. They are the energetic pathways of the body. Do you feel like your always one step behind? Or maybe you want to walk in someone else’s footsteps? Your feet support you through life, encourage you to step forward, and stop you from danger. Your feet also say so much about your physical, mental, and emotional health. They also tell you about your spiritual vitality, your chi (life force energy).


  • Hot feet - Too much heat excessive energy, fear and perhaps stuck in life. Energy needs to flow. Yin deficiency. Anxiety.


  • Stress in feet and ankles – A feeling of too much pressure. Slow down and really see where you are going. Improve circulation and reduce inflammation.


  • Heal Pain (plantar Fasciitis) – Kidney issues, stagnation, low energy, not much interest in life. Everything is too tight. Get blood moving.


  • Foot Cramps – Circulation, walking the wrong way, blood needs to move in the liver.


  • Fallen Arches – Low chi, not walking in flow with life. Continuously standing in unsupported energy.


  • Feet point out – Very yang, practical, logical, and head strong. Need to relax, trust the process. Balance chi.


  • Feet point in – Very yin, you get cold, life seems hard and fatigue. Need to get the blood and chi moving.


  • Aching Feet – Time to rest. Your feet need to energize and fill back up. You are depleted.


  • Ticklish Feet – Very sensitive, can have trouble making choices, immune system, infections.


  • Callouses/Blisters/Dry – Your digestion is off, the spleen chi is not working, resistance. Fluidity.


  • Athlete’s Foot – Damp heat, fungus, too much sugar. Your beliefs are not in alignment with your life path. You let things get to you.


In the summer our feet are much more exposed and get hot causing swelling and discomfort. Reiki Feet will naturally cool the body, restore yin/yang balance, and energize your feet so you can fully enjoy the summer.


Tell me about your feet - 45 Minute Session $80.00

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