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February Special


Relationship Reiki

Successful relationships keep going with intention and being in alignment. By aligning your chakras together, you deepen your connection, improve intimacy, and allow each other to be vulnerable.


Your chakra health reflects the vibrancy of your partners. Reiki is a channel you can share together, a conduit conveying qi (universal life force energy) to every aspect of your relationship. Reiki invites you in to feel your partner on a deeper level. To provide support without words and healing without judgement.


Reiki for couples is not only powerful for resolving issues but also a good tune up to keep your relationship running with fine-tuned chakras. You are preventing conflicts, investing in your relationship, and respecting your own individuality. You want your partner to succeed on their life path. And by believing in each other you succeed together.


Book your reiki date for Valentine’s! Receive a little love message from the fairy cards.

Gift Cards Available

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