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June Special


Qi Health for Him

Reiki Mantuary

So, let’s talk guys for a minute. Hidden or in plain sight men struggle with stress, anxiety, mental health challenges, and not feeling fulfilled in their life.


When we think of men’s health there is a lot of emphasis on the physical aspect. But what role is spirituality having in men’s health? Peace, purpose, and progress are common spiritual threads that weave through all of us.


There is no stigma in supporting your spiritual wellness. Our energy system (chakras) speaks to us no matter what, but the key is connecting to your inner world for wisdom. The practice of spirituality is to give you a meaningful connection to your journey. To cultivate even a small practice of mindfulness can have a huge impact on your work life balance. Mindfulness also brings a sense of satisfaction and personal success.


Let’s give the guys a mantuary feeling this month! Carve out time from the man cave to improve the cave of his heart, mind, and spirit. Reiki is for guys too!  


Discounts for the dads this June!

Happy Father's Day

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