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Meditation has proven health benefits to the body, mind and spirit. Meditation can help lower blood pressure, improve quality of sleep, improve mental focus and redirect thoughts. It does not require a master of skill just an intention to bring your awareness to your well-being. 

Meditation can be an individual process or experienced with a partner or group. Each persons experience will be different but the collective intention will unite.

If you want to learn to meditate you can begin at age. Private meditation sessions are available to help you get started and develop a meditation practice that feels comfortable for you. There are many variations to meditation that can support everyone's lifestyle, comfort level and desire.  Meditation does not have to be sitting in silence. It is about being present in the moment. 

Currently our meditations are virtual.


Time for Me - Monthly Meditation Circle

(Last Monday of every month)

Matrimonial Meditation

Family Meditation

 Conscious Coupling Meditation

Private Meditation 

Meditation Training

Baby and Me Meditation

Meditation, Energy Reading and Reiki

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