An initial Reiki session begins with hearing your story and answer some of your questions. Together we can set some goals, determine treatment plan and apply mindfulness tools towards your healing and transformation.

Reiki is a gentle light touch non-invasive therapy to promote wellness, better health and improve the quality of your life. The word Reiki is made up of two words REI, which means THE HIGHER POWER and KI meaning LIFE FORCE ENERGY (Chi in Chinese and Prana in Sanskirt).


As a heightened state of relaxation occurs the more Universal Life Force Energy enters the body adjusting our central energy system also known as chakra system. As this radiant energy moves through and around you, it can release and transform blockages and disturbances in the mind, body and spirit. Reiki enhances healing and transformation. 

Reiki promotes a sense of balance and feeling grounded. Reiki can be used as a general wellness treatment or for a specific life issue. Some people come with a set intention. Others are just drawn by the energy. Reiki is about moving blocked energy, past traumas, pain and a feeling of being stuck. These sessions enhance your intuition and self empowerment. The focus is to calm the mind, reduce stress and anxiety and improve the day to day quality of your life. We are all a form of energy and universally connected through energy.  By healing and finding peace within we can change the world one by one. Reiki is not limited by time or space. It is beneficial to all ages and distant healing can also be given without a client being present.


Time will be available at the end of each session to discuss insights and blockages in energy system.

NOTE: Reiki is not a substitute for medical care nor is it used to diagnose. However, Reiki can work as a complimentary addition to western medicine. Reiki is becoming increasingly more popular within the medical community. Reiki is offered across the United States, Britain and Canada as part of standard hospital, rehabilitative and palliative care. 






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