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Heart felt words from clients

"From the moment I stepped into Ann's studio I could feel I was surrounded by calm and healing energy. Working with Ann saved me.  I suffer from anxiety and a panic disorder and the healing work Ann did was absolutely amazing. I was off medication within a few months of working with her. Reiki has saved me and opened me up to a whole spiritual side of myself that I didn't know existed and for that I will be forever grateful to Ann for her amazing healing work."

"After 28 years, on my 50th birthday, my sweetheart and I literally tied the knot! Knowing it would be a small patio event, we wanted someone who "felt right" and Ann had the perfect energy to be forever entwined in our happiness. One only needs to speak with her once to know they have found the right human to share such a special experience with. Ann is kind, wise, caring and experienced with many wedding traditions. Having introduced handfasting rather than rings, and the use of a Quaich to toast our love; her cadence of speaking and understanding of the unique wishes we had allowed a beautiful flow. With our ceremony in Ann's lovely hands we literally could stand together, in love, with silly smiles on our faces, and enjoy our moment. I can not recommend Ann highly enough for your special day and trust me, you will have the strongest desire to hug her! Thank you Ann for being so wonderful."

"Ann was my Reiki teacher and did Reiki treatments on me. I just wanted to say that Ann was gentle, kind and being around her is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. She is a beautiful soul, with a beautiful heart. She has a gentle way of teaching Reiki that is informative and if you do a treatment with her, you walk away feeling peaceful and like your mind is clear of all clutter. I truly feel blessed that our paths have crossed and would recommend her always."

"I am not kidding when I say she is one of, if not the best in this field. My partner and I decided to get married in less than a week as I was going to be away for job purposes. In that short space of time (at the end of the year, after the Christmas holidays)  she was able to give us an intimate, meaningful and unforgettable wedding ceremony. I wouldn't change anything about our wedding ceremony. She was so warm and welcoming towards us. She communicated with us every step of the way and planned our ceremony around things that we loved and had in common. It was very much tailored for us! Even now we still keep in contact. She is such a kind and loving soul. It was a blessing to have her as our wedding officiant and she will be a blessing to you if you allow her to be your wedding officiant too." 

"Positive and uplifting experience. Ann is a consummate professional and very knowledgeable. Thank you for your wonderful relaxing and healing sessions."

"We had the pleasure of having Ann as our officiant a few weeks ago. Ann is very understanding, warm and touching. She was detail orientated and was able to fully interpret what we had in mind when we first met. She even tailored the wedding vows to include our beloved dog. :) It was a pleasure having her as our officiant. If you need an officiant that's understanding, gentle and willing to listen to your ideas, Ann can help you out."

"My journey with Ann began in April 2017 in the capacity of client and practitioner. Intrigued with holistic healing, I sought regular Reiki treatments to release deeply rooted emotional issues and restore balance. Ann is a kind, compassionate soul who embodies deep wisdom. Her unique brand of healing is incomparable. She is gentle while impactful with her energy. Surprised at how effective my first session was, I continued to work with Ann for 6 months. During our monthly visits we would identify emotional blockages and energetically release them. Through her mentorship, my greatest achievements have been finding my voice and stepping into my authenticity. During the fall of 2017 I became the student, and she the teacher (Master). Studying Reiki level 1, my world dramatically changed. Under her guidance I learned the healing art of Reiki and developed my intuitive skills. In February 2018, I completed Reiki level 2. Our journey has been a gift and a blessing. I am proud to say Ann quickly became a mentor and trusted friend. Earlier this year, Ann began to host monthly guided meditation sessions. The themed sessions bring together a delightful spiritual collective, who supports one another energetically and emotionally. It’s always interesting to see what discussion comes about following the sessions. It’s delightful to see how the group always connects on a deep soul level. I look forward to these sessions as they provide inspiration, balancing and encouragement. Ann is a spiritual Jack of all trades, from reflexology, reiki, guided meditation and now an Ordained Minister; she is a gift to those who seek her selfless assistance. She is a beautiful light worker who serves from a place of purity and love light. I am in gratitude to her for her willingness to share her gifts with others. Best wishes and continued blessings to you Ann. Thank you for all that you and for who you are."


"I first experienced Ann's healing hands many years ago after suffering from re-occurring pneumonia. I did not want to again take medications and Ann suggested she could help. The experience was truly inspirational. Not only did the pneumonia disappear, but Ann's treatments brought peace and oneness to my body, mind and spirit. Other buried issues were brought out and released in a gentle way. Ann's experience and healing techniques were truly transformational and life changing."


"Working with Ann has been a transformative experience. Before meeting with her, I was in a horrible place emotionally. I lacked confidence and self-worth and was unable to thrive in my personal relationships. After a series of sessions with Ann, I became more aware and in tune with my inner self. The lessons she taught me have never left me. I can now move through difficult situations and relationships with little anxiety. Ann has left a great impression on my life and I am so grateful."


"If it was not for my beloved sister who I hold in high regard for telling me about Ann, I honestly do not think I would have gotten through the challenges I have been faced with in my life. Ann is a beautiful, kind, and sincere woman who has given me the courage and strength to challenge and overcome situations in my life. She has helped to recognize my self worth which I have been struggling with for many years. Ann is an excellent soundboard outside of my family and close friends. She really helped me to dig deep and confront issues without being judgmental. The Reiki performed by Ann is powerful and helped bring certain areas of my body into balance and create calmness  within me. The spiritual healing of the Reiki has helped identify areas physically and emotionally that require support. Ann has helped and is continuing to help me deal with these areas through our continued sessions which I am so grateful for and appreciate whole heartedly."


"Thank you Ann for everything, you have helped me in so many ways. I will forever be grateful to you for that."

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