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Reiki Session

Healing is a process, it takes courage, commitment and compassion. An initial consultation and reiki session begins with creating a safe space for open and honest communication. Active listening allows me to pick up on subtle cues and feel the energy. When we delve into the realm of the energetic body and intuition we gain insights to where the healing begins.

Reiki goes where it is needed. Mind, body or spirit. As a heightened state of relaxation occurs the more Universal Life Force Energy enters the body. As this radiant reiki energy moves through and around you it releases blockages, disturbances and reduces energy that is in excess. 

Reiki promotes a sense of well-being, you feel connected to the universe and you gain back parts of yourself that felt missing. Reiki can be used as a general wellness treatment or to treat conditions such as stress and anxiety, chronic pain, mental health issues, fertility, headaches and depression. Reiki can also be very comforting during times of loss and grief.

Reiki is safe for everyone infants, children and elders. Reiki has no known negative side effects. Universal life force energy improves the quality of life.  

Reiki is not a substitute for medical care nor is it used to diagnose. However, reiki can work as a complimentary addition to western medicine. 

Long Distance Reiki

If you are unable to do an in-person session long distance reiki can be just as powerful. Reiki distant healing sessions are done in varying ways. Long distance reiki can help families, communities and groups of people all at once all around the world.


Reiki is energy and it is not measured by distance nor time. Long distance reiki provides Universal Life Force Energy where needed. 

Long distance reiki is sent over 3 separate sessions. 

Animal Reiki


An animal’s instinct is not that different from humans. Animals protect, defend, nurture and love. They are sensitive to negative and positive energy. However, I feel our animal kingdom can be far more forgiving than humans.

Animals are ‘soul packs’, they recognize their own ‘pack’ and that of other species including humans.  When a pack member is uncertain or feels threatened the  animal can go into distress causing behavioral issues, become withdrawn and or develop physical issues.

Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) links animals and people to a higher state of consciousness. The reiki helps calm the animal; it can assure them that their environment is safe. And there is no threat. Reiki also helps animals with their natural ability to heal from pain, surgery or illness. Reiki can also provide comfort during end of life.

Reiki improves animal and human communication and supports the general wellness of your pet. These beautiful creatures touch our hearts forever.

Please note that reiki is not a substitute for Veterinary medical care.

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