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Reiki Level Two

Reiki Practitioner with TCM

Consciously calling in the reiki energy (Using the energy)

Theory, practical and case studies.

(Prerequisite - Level One)

Level two reiki takes you to practitioner status if you choose to be of service to others. Your reiki energy becomes 'powered up' with the sacred symbols and reiki attunement. Reiki can also be a wonderful addition to other healing modalities both science and holistic based. Many participants have felt that reiki has helped them have a deeper connection with their clients. Not only in the health sector but also in business.  


The reiki healing symbols are introduced and how they are used. Learn how to incorporate them into your healing sessions and into all areas of your life. The symbol applications are explored with different scenarios and case studies. 


Long distance reiki is a wonderful alternative when a hands on approach is not possible. Long distance reiki can travel beyond time and space. Long distance reiki will be practiced with the use of pictures, letters and intuition. You will learn how to feel the energy of others without them being present. You will also feel how reiki can be used with animals and Mother Nature. 

We will delve deeper into meridian therapy and how Universal Life Force Energy (chi) can treat various illnesses and disease. Learn where the body is depleted or in excess. Point of purpose the balance of yin and yang.


This workshop comes with a manual and certification of attunement and completion. This workshop is designed to go beyond the basic skills of level 2 reiki, each participant will receive a comprehensive understanding of how to use the symbols for healing of others.  One must 'feel' the energy of the symbols.

Each level includes:

- 6 hour virtual class

- Symbol applications

- Long distance technique

- Case studies

- Attunement

- Animal and Mother Earth Reiki

- Reiki support

March 16, 2024

11:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Cost $350.00

Enroll in level one and two together receive 10% off total before taxes.

Enroll in level one, two and master level together receive 20% off total before taxes. 

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required at time of enrollment.

Refresher courses are offered at a reduction rate for those previously attuned.

Alternative dates are available for private and corporate groups.

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