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Reiki for you and me!

I was first introduced to reiki in 1986 and it changed my life. The innate power we have over our own life force energy (chi) is incredible. Our quality of life relates directly to our life force energy (chi). Reiki is a connection to your highest energy source. Reiki is transformational. It can transform energy in any area of your life mind, body and spirit. It can transform blockages, limitations and can transform karma and trauma. The wonderful thing about reiki is that it also enhances positive energy. So when life is good you want to keep that energy flowing too.

Reiki is gentle and non-invasive but it can have a profound impact. It can be a life changer. This ancient Japanese therapy is not difficult to learn and in my opinion can only enrich your life. Because it opens a doorway beyond what the mind can see. Reiki takes you to a place of all knowing and a place of peace between you and the universe.

Reiki starts you on a journey that you never want to end.

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